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The Legal Guide for Writers, Artists and Other Creative People: Protect Your Work and Understand the Law

Kenneth P. Norwick, veteran lawyer and General Counsel to the Association of Authors’ Representatives

Available online Kindle and Paperback at AmazonPowell’s BooksBarnes & Noble and IndieBound.

ISBN: 978-1-62414-449-3
SPECS: 5 x 7, 304 pages, lay-flat paperback
PUBLICATION DATE: September, 2017

About this Book

This comprehensive authoritative and accessible book enables creators to understand their legal rights and safeguard their work from a wide variety of risks in both cyberspace and traditional media. It explains major developments in the applicable law and in the publishing, communications, art and entertainment businesses so you’ll be able with confidence to secure your work, negotiate contracts and avoid lawsuits.

This essential book guides you through the major legal areas of special concern to creators: copyright and other legal rights; libel, privacy, obscenity and other legal risks; contracts; the cyber revolution; and business and tax matters affecting creative people. Whether you are an author, artist, photographer or are in another creative field, this approachable guide will help you become legally savvy without having to wade through dense legal jargon or rely on Google searches or Wikipedia.

Reviews and Endorsements

“Using plain language and examples from real cases, the valuable new book breaks down complicated legal issues into more clearly understood components and provides useful advice on how creators can best protect their works and careers. Drawing upon decades of experience, the book describes common business practices and provides practical advice for negotiations. Importantly, the book also discusses how best to protect creative work as others exploit it on the Internet without permission, credit or compensation.”

— Helen E. Freedman, Justice of the Appellate Division of New York Supreme Court (retired)

“The term “creative type” carries with it an implicit connotation that we authors and artists are good at creating, but not so good at navigating the legal and financial side of our business. I’m here to tell you that is absolutely correct, and that’s why I’m so grateful for a foolproof guide like this one to help show the way.”

— Willie Geist, host of NBC’s Today and MSNBC’s Morning Joe, bestselling author

“Everything you ever wanted to know about copyright but were too intimidated to ask! This is a must-have for all creators who wish to protect intellectual property interest in their work and better understand the laws that govern those rights. Written in straightforward and understandable form, the book addresses a wide range of subjects of concern to creators, from libel and privacy issues, to rights in cyberspace, through contracts and other business and tax matters.”

— Mickey H. Osterreicher, general counsel, National Press Photographers Association (NPPA)

“For authors and artists, for creative people of all stripes and convictions, this book goes to the heart of the matter—or the hearts of the matter, as the case may be—and provides a clear, concise and essential guide to the care and protection of the results of the creative process, with the basics as well as the caveats and exception carefully explained.”

— James A. Fox, senior vice president and general counsel (retired), HarperCollins Publishers

“For over 40 years, Ken Norwick has been my go-to lawyer for all matters involving the law of libel, copyright, obscenity, contracts and the rights of authors and artists. This book makes his learning and experience available to everyone. It does not provide legal advice in particular situations; you’ll need a lawyer for that. But for a clear, plain language, easy-to-read explanation of the law affecting the rights of authors, partners, photographers, etc., you won’t do better. And it’s even fun to read.”

— Ira Glasser, former executive director of the ACLU

“At a time when writers and artists need all the backbone they can summon, Ken Norwick’s accessible, savvy legal primer is a shot of high-grade concentrated calcium.”

— David Margolick, Author, contributing editor to Vanity Fair magazine and former law correspondent for the New York Times

“The contract—the binding agreement between a writer and the publisher—Is the backbone of the relationship between the two. It provides, in fact, for the best-case and worst-case scenarios for the author. Understanding the contract is essential for any writer. This book very clearly and thoughtfully lays out the basics of this agreement between creator and publisher and is a “must-read” for any aspiring artist who contemplates publishing his or her work.”

— Gail Hochman, president of the Association of Authors’ Representatives

“Ken Norwick’s book is a deft, straightforward and even entertaining handling of, at times, some pretty complex subject matter. Norwick is an expert on the topic who successfully untangles and simplifies copyright and related law. The book is a valuable resource both for content creators who want to know their rights and issues and for lawyers getting familiar with the field.”

— George Freeman, executive director of the Media Law Resource Center and former assistant general counsel of the New York Times

“Every author, artist, filmmaker, photographer and cartoonist, no matter how sophisticated intellectually or creatively, would benefit by reading this lucid and readable guide through the arcane, often frustrating, occasionally head-scratching maze of laws that guarantee is our freedom of expression and our ownership of that expression.”

— Gary Groth, publisher of The Comics Journal and Fantagraphics books

“The Legal Guide for Writers, Artists and Other Creative People is an excellent, easy-to-understand guide to copyright law for the non-lawyer. It is well written and presents the complex ideas simply and clearly, while acknowledging that parts of the law are still unsettled.”

— Michael Gross, director of legal services for the Authors Guild